Cordoba EDU
Commits itself

To guide and help undergraduate and graduate students who
chase their dreams through study abroad.

We believe that
education is a
fundemental right

and everyone should have access to a quality higher education which will help you to stand out from the crowd in a competitive job market.

We accomplish to build a bridge between where you are now and where you desire to be in the future.


To be the most reliable go-to consultancy for students seeking education abroad by promoting their abilities and personalities.

To successfully match students with their chosen courses at a suitable university that are in the best interest of the student and represent their goals and aspirations by providing customized solution and consultancy.

To empower students in order to become global citizens by opening new dorms for them.


Our short-term plan is to increase the number of our partner educational institutions so that international students can enjoy more flexibility in their choices. 

Our long-term strategy is to be one of the leading study abroad company in Europe and North Africa by creating a robust environment where every learner can experience success and has an opportunity to realize their potential.

Why Choose Us?

  • We provide student-centred, reliable consultancy in choosing the right city, university and program. 
  • We make error free applications because opportunities do not wait. We save you time and effort.
  • We guide and follow up students throughout the all process from admission to placement in schools with our experienced and friendly team.
  • We do not charge any comission from you and  assist you to get scholarship for more affordable study abroad experience.
  • We cooperate with more than 20 highly ranked and well-known universities that provide high quality education.
  • We are the only Moroccan agency organizing Turkish Universities Fair in Morocco.

Study Abroad

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Language School

We offer best quality student-oriented language schools options to you. Learning a new language will enable you to network with different people, open new career opportunities, think as a different person, gain new social and analytical skills. Also, it will help you for your university admission that requieres English or Turkish proficiency. 

We have agreements with more than 10 language institutions which makes easier to choosing the most suitable high quality course program according to your budget and schedule. Whether online or face-to-face you can learn any language through our support. Let’s break the language barrier together!

Summer School

We offer summer schools to international university students and individuals who want to invest in themselves by developing personally and increasing their knowledge, It is not only an academic experince but also cultural one. The program lasts approximately 6-8 weeks.

Most preferred Turkish Summer School Programs: Business, Political Science, Management, Marketing, Cultural Studies, History, Entrepreneurship, Computer Science, Law, Language Studies, Legal Studies, Biology, Fine Arts, Fashion Design, Mathematics and many more.

Experince an unforgettabe summer!

Vocational School

  Associate’s degree programs take 2 years. Vocational School helps you to acquire contemporary and universal principles, equipped with knowledge and skills gained in pricatical field that meet the expectations of the labor market.

 Most preferred vocational programs are: First and Emergency Aid, Anesthesia, Computer Programming, Justice, Oral and Dental Health, Medical Laboratory Techniques.


   Bachelor’s degree programs take 4 years. Specialized bachelor’s degree programs such as Medicine lasts 6 years, Pharmacu and Dentistry takes 5 years.

   Earning a bachelor degree will improve you both professionaly in the field you study and personally through connecting different people from various backgrounds. You will have the requiered knowledge and more job opportunities. 

  Most preferred bachelor programs are: Law, Civil Engineering, Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Business Administration, Computer Engineering and Interior Architecture and Environmental & Design.


   Universities in Turkey offer a wide range of graduate programs. Master’s programs with thesis take 2 years and non-thesis programs generally take 1½ years.

   You will be an expert in the field you love to study and it will increase your opportunity to work in high qualified jobs or start up your own company. You will also develop personally by improving your social skills, create network, learn time management and gain independence.

  Most preferred master programs are: Business, MBA, Marketing, Management Engineering,  Law, Industrial Engineering, Computer Engineering, Clinical & Applied Psychology,  International Trade&Finance programs


 Doctoral programs take about 4 years.

  Completing a PhD will enable you to go beyond traditional knowledge and borders, discover new things and develop new skills. It will provide you great depth of knowledge in a particular area. PhD is the right destination for you if you want to be one of the leading force in academic area.

  Most preferred master programs are: Bioinformatics & Genetics, Business Administration, Public Relation & Advertising, Sociology, International Relations, Design Studies, Finance, Architecture, Civil Engineering.

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