The center was able to take the initiative and arrange the first educational forum in Morocco, TEFM 2015, which was attended by more than 3000 students, thanks to the participation of several high-ranking universities. During such events, the center builds a bond between the graduates and the international universities, to provide them with the best academic opportunities and scholarships.


The purpose of this event is to provide students the opportunity to be introduced to the universities, hence bringing the largest number or perspective students to the universities themselves. The trip is a good opportunity for students to ask all what they want directly, to visit the campus, to see the real university life and be a part of it for 5 to 8 days. It is also an occasion to do some touristic activities such as visiting monuments, tasting Turkish cuisine, take a cruise ride in Bosphore.

Summer School

The center organizes summer schools for Moroccan students in foreign countries, for either studying or training. Among the destinations that the center selects: Hong Kong, Istanbul, New York, Rome, Toronto, Berlin…


The center arranges educational seminars throughout the school year, in his private quarters, or in educational institutions.

International Tests

The SAT is a standardized test that colleges use to evaluate applicants. Over two million students take the SAT every year and nearly every college in America for evaluating a student’s college preparedness uses it. It is designed to measure a student’s ability to understand and process elements in three subjects: reading, writing, and math. SAT scores are calculated based on a student’s performance relative to other test-takers, and have proven to be an indicator of collegiate success.

The YÖS Examination is an entrance examination designed for foreign students wishing to study in higher education institutions in Turkey.

This examination was set and administered by the Student Selection and Placement Centre (ÖSYM) until 2010, when universities began conducting their own versions of the exam. The results of this exam apply only for students wishing to enroll in undergraduate programs. Students presently enrolled in undergraduate programs who seek a transfer, and those who wish to follow postgraduate programs, should apply directly to the institutions of their choice.

The YÖS Examination is composed of two tests:

  1. The “Basic Learning Skills Test” assesses abstract reasoning. The questions have a minimal dependence on language but explanations are given in Turkish and English. This section includes 80 questions, 45 IQ and 35 math. It takes 90 minutes.
  2. The “Turkish Language Proficiency Test” assesses the applicant’s comprehension of written Turkish. The Turkish test takes 60 minutes. It is only used to decide whether a candidate who has been accepted into a program conducted in Turkish can immediately commence that program or not.

Approximately 9,200 candidates from various countries take the YÖS Examination.

 Language courses abroad

Our language courses abroad are organized in different countries. By studying in the country where the language is spoken, you can quickly improve your conversation skills in English or Turkish. We offer language courses abroad for students from all backgrounds: adults, professionals or teachers. Whatever your goals or motivation, we can arrange a course to suit you!