Dear student,

We are honored to be of service to you. Select the type of admission that you seek, and send it to this email:

Required documents to study Turkish language:

• Copy of the first page of the passport
• Expected month of starting studies
• 2 photos
• 300 euros deposed

Required documents to study an undergraduate degree for high school graduates:

• Baccalaureate degree
• Grade transcripts
• Copy of the passport
• 2 photos
• Motivation letter in english
• English language efficiency test, e.g. TOEFL, IELTS … (Optional)

Required documents to study a Masters degree:

• Bachelor’s degree
• Copy of the 3 years grade transcripts
• 2 photos
• Copy of the passport
• 2 letters of recommendation in english
• Motivation letter in englishs
• Resume
• Cover letter
• English language efficiency test